signalMinder Turn Signal Self Canceler for the Triumph Bonneville, T100, T120, Street Twin, Street Scrambler, Bobber, Black, Scrambler, Thruxton, America, Speedmaster, Rocket III, etc.


Earn up to 110 NewBonneville Bucks.

Do you forget to turn off the signals once in a while? It may be embarassing when you realize it, but also quite unsafe in the traffic.

signalMinder stops the flashing automatically. You simply replace the flasher on your motorcycle.

signalMinder uses a computer chip to cancel the turn signals. There are three selectable timeouts; 10, 20, 30 seconds.

By attaching two quick-connect wires included, you can convert ALL FOUR turn signals to running lights and establish a dual-channel system on your bike.

Using the DIP Switch #1, you can keep them off and still have the dual-channel system.

With the dual-channel system, when you activate the RIGHT turn signal three times in succession, you get 4-way hazard flash function.

NEW FEATURE (d17EBxx code)

Built-in RUN-TURN-BRAKE functions
No need to buy other turn signal conversion product. You get all the features of RUN-TURN-BRAKE and automatic signal canelling!

If you hook-up the 12 volt supply from the brakes to the signalMinder brake input:

BRAKE FLASH OPTION will flash the turn signal lamps every time you apply brakes. A short 2 second flash pattern begins with quick flashes then slows down to stay on solid.

BRAKE OVERRIDE OPTION suspends the time-out feature until the brakes are released. This allows continued flashing for those times when you are waiting at the signals to make a turn and do not want the time-out to cancel the flashing.


If above options are hooked-up, these tiny return springs can be inserted in the handlebar switch to force it back to neutral automatically. You don’t have use the Push-to-cancel of the handlebar switch.

Above options are not required to be installed, but utilizing them allows fully automatic turn signal cancellation. We highly recommend hooking them up.

Please Note! NONE of the wires on the bike have to be cut. The kit includes Scotchlok brand of Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) to tap into existing wires.

The last thing you need is to worry about canceling the turn signals! Use all of the built-in options of the signalMinder and enjoy the ride.

Installation Guide

Fits Triumph Bonneville, SE, T100, T120, Street Twin, Street Cup, Street Scrambler, Black, Scrambler, Thruxton, Thruxton RS, America, Speedmaster, Bobber, Tiger and all other bikes with 2 and 3 prong flashers. Be sure to check you flasher to see if you need the 2 or 3 prong version.

Additional information

Weight N/A

3 Prong (Generally 2001-2011 Bikes) SM-1, 2 Prong (Generally 2012 and Newer Bikes) SM-3

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