Kickass Custom Seat Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton



Earn up to 350 NewBonneville Bucks.

Kickass Custom Seats for the Triumph Bonneville, T100, SE, Black, Thruxton and Scrambler

We have these custom seats made to NewBonneville’s design and specifications by Motosai. Made from high quality, long lasting and extremely durable vinyl, they’ll not only last for the life of the bike, your butt will thank you each and every time you ride. Each seat has the same stock type mounting points in the rear and tongue in the front so installation and removal will be very familiar.

Available in standard height (similar lines as the stock seat) or Low Profile. Standard height seat has more padding at the rear for passenger comfort. The Low Profile Seat is 1” lower than standard and has flat lines.

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Weight N/A

BLACK Seat with STANDARD Stitching, BROWN Seat with STANDARD Stitching, BLACK Seat with DIAMOND Stitching, BROWN Seat with DIAMOND Stitching, BLACK LOW PROFILE DIAMOND Stitching, BROWN LOW PROFILE DIAMOND Stitching

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