Idiot Light LED Conversion Kit – Bonneville / Thruxton / Scrambler


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Idiot Light LED Conversion Kit for the Triumph Bonneville, T100, SE, Thruxton and Scrambler

The standard incandescent bulbs for the “idiot lights” on the dash can be very hard to see. We’ve put together an LED conversion kit that dramatically increases their visibility. Never forget to turn off your blinkers again! Our kit includes 3 LED replacement bulbs for the Indicator, Neutral and Oil Warning (you wouldn’t want the High Beam bulb to be this bright at night).

Manufactured to NewBonneville’s specifications, these LEDs are the first bipolar lamps made to directly replace the weak incandescent bulbs. Because they are bipolar, there’s no wrong way to install them. The plug and play design means that, unlike in the past, there’s no need to modify the turn signal circuit or solder diodes. They simply plug in and work.

Fits Triumph Bonneville, T100, SE, New Bonneville, Bonneville Black, Thruxton and Scrambler. Does not fit 2012 and newer bikes with electronic speedometers.

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